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Why did God permit polygamy for some of the patriarchs of the faith?
by Kenneth Montenegro on April 30th, 2020
Today’s question looks back to the Old Testament and asks why did God permit polygamy for some of the patriarchs of the faith? Is polygamy God’s will? Let’s take a look at what the Bible says about this question.Let’s start with the beginning at the creation of the first man and woman. What we notice in the first two chapters of Genesis is a picture of the perfect standard of the Creator—one man w...  Read More
Grace Kids Question: Did Adam have a belly-button?
by Kenneth Montenegro on April 16th, 2020
Today’s question comes from a little guy—did Adam have a belly-button? This might sound like a silly question but the core idea comes across as very profound—Did the original creation look like it does today?Let’s cut to the chase with an answer to that question and then we can explore the reason why: we can say no—Adam and Eve did not have belly buttons.Now let me give the answer why with two dif...  Read More
When were dinosaurs created and are they mentioned in Scripture?
by Kenneth Montenegro on February 13th, 2020
The most popular question for people—especially from young people—is about where and when are dinosaurs in the Bible. Specifically, when were dinosaurs created and do we see them mentioned in the Scriptures?Let’s start at the beginning with creation. The Bible says that God created all things. This would include dinosaurs on day 6 in Genesis 1:21, 25 (“great sea creatures” and “beasts of the earth...  Read More





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