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Grace Kids Question: Did Adam have a belly-button?

Today’s question comes from a little guy—did Adam have a belly-button? This might sound like a silly question but the core idea comes across as very profound—Did the original creation look like it does today?

Let’s cut to the chase with an answer to that question and then we can explore the reason why: we can say no—Adam and Eve did not have belly buttons.

Now let me give the answer why with two different explanations. First let’s take a look at the biological answer. Your belly-button or navel is a sign that you were once connected to your mother in the womb. The umbilical cord is a necessary part of growth and development between baby and mother during pregnancy. Since Adam and Eve did not come into being like that, they did not have belly-buttons.
Second, let’s see the spiritual principle at work. God’s creation had full functionality of from the beginning. What this means is God created Adam and Eve in mature form. When Adam was created, he had the appearance of a mature adult, fully able to walk, to talk, and to care for the garden. Fruit trees were already producing fruit. God’s creation was at the apex of development from the beginning. Another affirmation of this principle would be the commands given to our first parents—commands of exercising dominion and multiplying to fill the earth. Again, this would indicate that Adam and Eve were mature enough to perform these commandments and to procreate and bear children.

So, did Adam have a belly-button actually has an interesting and profound truth at its core: God creates life fully functioning and never lacking in the ability to do what He commands. If this is true at the beginning, it is true now in Christ. Scripture says that in Christ we are a new creation. Yes, we are newborn babes at the first but we have all that we need to grow into full maturity through the Spirit and according to His Word. What amazing wisdom God has given right from the start!

Praise the Lord!

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